We sure do! Here are some frequently asked questions about our rewards program: the Dream Club.

Joining is quick, easy, and free! Create your account here.

Besides our unconditional friendship, you’ll get 25 points instantly upon sign up. As you earn more, you’ll get eligible for exclusive perks such as free tights, dreamy discounts, pre-access to sales & more.

- Create an account and earn 25 points

- Earn 1 point per €1 spent at our Dreamy level

- Earn 1,25 point per €1 spent at our Dreamy Extra Creamy level

- Earn 1,5 point per €1 spent at our Dreamy Super Supremely level

- Upload a photo or video when you leave a review to earn 50 points (only via review-email)

- Leave a review to earn 25 points (only via review-email)

- Earn bonus points as you level up! Earn 100 points when you reach our Dreamy Extra Creamy level and get 200 points when entering our highest level: Dreamy Super Supremely.

- Follow us on Instagram & TikTok to earn 10 points

- Add your phone number and earn 25 points

- Earn 100 points when placing your second order with us

- Dreamy. This level is free to join; you’ll automatically join this level when you create an account.

- Dreamy Extra Creamy. Spend €150 annually and join our second level membership with even more perks.

- Dreamy Super Supremely. Spend €350 annually and reach the most favorable level with all the perks.

- Surprises! All Dream Club members get surprises from us at aim’n.

- A free pair of tights. All Dream Club members get a free pair of tights after purchasing ten pairs.

- Pre-access to new collection drops. All Dream Club members can enjoy early access to new collection drops. The higher the level, the earlier the access!

- Birthday gift. Our Dreamy Extra Creamy and Dreamy Super Supremely members can choose a free gift from us on their birthday.

- Dream Club anniversary gift. Our Dreamy Extra Creamy and Dreamy Super Supremely members can choose a free gift from us at their 1st Dream Club anniversary.

- Points upon level entry. Dream Club members will instantly get rewarded with bonus points when entering a new level! Dreamy Extra Creamy = 100 points & Dreamy Super Supremely = 200 points.

- Exclusive first access to sales. For Dreamy Super Supremely members only. Shop our sales before anyone else.

- Exclusive offers. Receive unique and exclusive offers when you’re at the Dreamy Super Supremely level.

- Invites to events. When you’re at the Dreamy Super Supremely level, you’ll get personally invited to a bunch of amazing aim’n events for this level only.

Use your points at checkout. First, log in to your account, then you’ll see a points slider in the checkout where you can select how much credit you want to apply to the order. Unfortunately, credit redemptions can't be combined with promotional codes.

It's up to you when you'd like to use your points. We have no limit or minimum requests. However, you can't use your points and discount codes at the same time.

100 points = €10

200 points = €20

300 points = €30 and so on...

Unfortunately, you don't earn points for the purchases you've made in the last 12 months. However, the purchases you've made in the last 12 months count as annual spending, which means that you can start at a higher level and have more perks immediately. Good, isn't it

Your membership level is determined based on your annual spending (last 12 months). So if you've spent less than the minimum spend for each level, you'll get a reminder to shop to keep your status. You will, however, stay a member of the Dream Club, just have fewer perks.

Easy. Just sign up/log in and start sharing your personalized code with friends. They'll get €10 off their first purchase (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns), and you'll be rewarded with 100 points 30 days after they've made their purchase. We'll send you an email to let you know when we've credited your account.

Once you've placed an order, you'll shortly receive an email asking you to submit a review about your purchase. You'll get rewarded once submitting your review via the email.

As a member, you earn points when you shop with us; these points are awarded directly upon purchase. If you choose to return your products, the points you earned will be deducted from your account.

Unfortunately, you're not able to combine offers. Instead, you'll have to choose which offer suits you the most.

If your birthday is within 30 days from the date you registered your birth date, unfortunately, there will be a slight delay. It may take up to 30 days before you'll receive your gift, but hang in there - it's on its way. Belated Happy Birthday <3

Think of it as a digital stamp card. We're keeping track of your purchases, and when you've bought your tenth pair of tights, you'll receive an email from us with a discount code that you can use to get a free pair! Note that the offer is only valid for the tights you're referred to in the email.

You earn 100 points in total when you leave a review with video &/or photos. You score points per review, not per photo &/or video.

The photos/videos you add to your review will be published under the product on our website. We may also use the material in our future marketing.

If you return an order, you’ll lose the points you earned on that particular order.

The order value needs to be at least 40€ for you to be able to redeem your points.

At the moment, it is not possible to use your points when you shop via our app, but you still earn points on every purchase you make. This feature will be launched shortly, thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to perform all activities in the app right now. However, you still earn points on all purchases you make in the app. To get points for registering your phone number and ensuring you get your birthday present, you need to register this on our website for now. We appreciate your patience; we're working on bringing you a better app experience as soon as possible.

Depending on which membership level you're at, we offer you a free gift on your birthday, your Dream Club anniversary, or when you have bought 10 pairs of tights. Unfortunately, we do not offer free shipping on these.

The code only works for new customers, i.e., for people who have not yet placed an order with us. Furthermore, to use the code, the customer must shop for at least 90€.

If you want to cancel your membership, please get in touch with our customer service.

Your points are valid for 12 months from the date you earned them. We'll send you a reminder 30 days before your points expire.