The Wellness Club - Vegan Mac N Cheese

This creamy, flavoursome vegan friendly mac-n-cheese recipe by @kiahmummeryy is a winner! The perfect dish for a potluck dinner or prepped meals for the week ahead. 

( serves 5 )


500g pumpkin, 500g cauliflower, 250g pasta, 1/2c plant milk, 1tbs garlic powder, 1tbs onion powder, 75g cashews, 1tbs olive oil, 4tbs nutritional yeast, salt + pepper


1. Bring 3 pots of water to the boil, add the pumpkin, cauliflower and pasta into each pot and cook until ready. 

2. Set the pasta and cauliflower aside in a bowl and put the cooked pumpkin into a food processor. 

3. In the food processor add the rest of the ingredients and blitz together until a smooth sauce is formed. You may need to add a little extra milk depending on how dense your pumpkin is. 

4. Add the sauce into the bowl with the cauliflower and pasta and mix together, make sure to combine all the sauce thoroughly.

5. Pour into a baking dish and top with extra salt and nutritional yeast, I love to add a layer of spray oil on top to help it crisp up.

6. In the oven bake for 20 minutes on 180C or 350F until the top is golden and crispy. 

7. Enjoy!